Date Night w/my Boo.. 

Date Night w/my Boo..  | chaQula

Eaten for Breakfast



By Randy

We MUST take you to this new coffee/tea house we found in Edmond. It's adorbs.

By rehan

What's the green drink?

By Dina

It's a Green Tea latte. There's Matcha in it that gives it the color.

By rehan

I can't wait to come back! The sushi here is amazing. You and chance need to come!

By Randy

Wow. I like the green effect.

By Carlos

Randy-We will come seriously as our first married road trip, I'm SO excited. Carlos-it's so good. You gotta find someone to make one for you. Matcha.Latte.

By rehan

It does look good.

By Carlos

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