What is chaQula?

chaQula is a system that creates an online community around your food. Creating a photo foodQast that helps you take accountability for the food you eat. chaQula gives you the ability to create your own community of like food-minded people to share, grow and support each other.
chaQula is actually swahili for food, well actually chakula is swahili for food, but we took some creative liberties and swapped the K for the Q :).

chaQula is a mere system that allows the community to use it as needed. The main power is not only is it a photo diary but it also brings people together in a sort of a support group. You can follow others and others can follow you. They can see what you eat from breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert and snacks! Naturally this builds a sort of relation between you and your followers much more than a simple what are you doing, better yet show them what you eat and you'll tell them who you are. Plus, what do you have to lose... except your waistline


For Health...

This is where the motivation from chaQula started. To provide a system to help monitor what you eat and ultimately help with a healthy lifestyle. We all know that keeping a food diary is supposed to help. Recently, we learned that it's actually scientifically proven (and proven) that a photo blog helps you lose weight. What we've tried to do at chaQula is give you a way to easily journal your food, whether you want to lose weight or just want to share with the world what your eating, you can do it here.

Seriously, it's so easy to start uploading your photos now. We currently support iPhone and web uploads and are allowing more and more ways of uploading your chaQula. Not excited about having people see what you eat? No worries, just make sure you set your privacy settings and keep it all to yourself.


For Friends...

Don't tell them what you're doing, show them what your eating! Status messages about what you're doing is so lame! It's all about the food... what you're eating, where you're eating it at and who you're eating it with! So show them with a quick pick, you can strike up a conversation about the darndest things. Just think of it as your food support group. People naturally want to help. So if your sincere in your efforts than watch out, people from everywhere will want to join and help. As long as you're willing to do the same :). Embarrassing you into eating better.


For Fun...

You know that old adage, You are what you eat? Well it's true and what better way to show people who you are other than by show them your chaQula stream?

We can't promise that you'll lose weight, but we can promise it will be easy and fun. So go ahead and get started... snap, eat and share!


Who are we?

A couple of guys from Chicago that like technology and get excited when we talk about chaQula!