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Eaten for Breakfast


Love it

By Jaime

101. What does the number 101 mean in binary code?

By Carlos

Haha! 5?

By Randy

No. It says lol. As in laugh at loud :)

By Davie

the one in the middle looks like an o not an a.

By Randy

I know. It should be an o not an a.

By Davie

Oh. What is ot; overtime? Laugh overtime loud? That's cool.

By Randy

Where do you see ot?

By Davie

In your first comment. Are you mad at me?

By Randy

Ahhh! Just realized I wrote "at" instead of "of" :). I should have just stuck with 5. Haha

By Davie

I had fun with that; how about you? =-))

By Randy

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