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Beer with Tomas

Beer with Tomas | chaQula

Eaten for Breakfast



By Luna

He deserves a cold one. Such a trooper!

By Hope

Dog friendly bar? That is so cool!

By Randy

Dog friendly everything here in Germany....well except supermarket.

By Carlos

The whole world needs to be like that. He is a great looking dog.

By Randy

Thanks man. He is a great dog.

By Carlos

You are welcome. He looks very obedient.

By Randy

Randy - doesn't he look like the dog from Little Mermaid?
Such a cute dog.

By Dina

I didn't know from memory but google refreshed it, and yes; but different fur pattern. Haha! Have you been watching little mermaid lately, Dina?

By Randy

Enjoying the new surroundings?

By Ricardo

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